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Gareth K. Bennett


Work Experience


2010 - 2014                Copywriter / Social Media Writer

                                   "Sony Movie Channel"

                                   Sony Pictures Entertainment.


                                   Developed, wrote over 500 on-air spots, 4,200                                                      individual Tweets, Facebook posts, email                                                              newsletters, monthly interstitials and contests. 

                                   Responsible for creating and maintaining the '"Voices"                                          of three award-winning television channels

                                   (Sony Movie Channel, getTV and CineSony.)


2001                           Copywriter / Producer

                                   Win Tae: The Martial Arts Exercise Program

                                   Martial Arts exercise video series.


                                   Created and produced a series of four one hour workout                                      videos starring Katheryn Winnick (of History Channel's                                          'Vikings'). Developed and wrote all copy including:                                              packaging, web, press releases and email newsletters.


2003-2004                  Director

                                   Numerous Commercials – “Brand Power”

                                   Primitive Pictures – Buchanan Group


                                   Responsible for all on-set creative, directing of actors,                                          managing communications and logistics between both                                        the clients and corporate. 


1998 – 2002               Production Assistant

                                   Numerous films and Television series including:                                                    and “Down In The Delta” (dir. Maya Angelou)                                                        and  “D.C.” (Written and produced by Dick Wolf).

1997                           Director’s Assistant

                                   Flash Forward - TV Series - Disney Television

                                   Dir: Graeme Lynch

1984 – 2002               Actor

                                   Various Lead and Principal Roles

                                   (Acting résumé available upon request)

Here's why


  • ​I'm a copywriter with a passion for story and the ways it can inform and connect ideas.


  • My focus is engaging narrative-based copy that’s often quirky and clever. My goal has always been text that's funny and friendly - but never typical.​


  • Fastidious, detail oriented, passionate and fun-loving writer-man.​


  • I work well on a team, thriving with - and supporting - other colleagues and team-members.


  • I’m well-liked by fellow co-workers, especially the light-hearted, humor-loving sort.


Education and Training


Bachelor of Arts, Film Studies, Ryerson University, Toronto 1998.


 - Specialization: Writing for film, Directing


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