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The Martial Arts Exercise Program

The Brief:

My main objective for this project was to proudly showcase Katheryn's impressive Martial Arts credentials as well as her phenomenal workout program. However, my ultimate focus was to ignite enthusiasm and encourage people to embark on an exhilarating journey, exploring this fresh and invigorating approach to exercise!


The Idea:
The goal was to enlighten and engage viewers in the most welcoming manner possible, providing them with comprehensive information about Win Tae and highlighting its incredible benefits. It's important to strike a delicate balance, avoiding an overly salesy approach that might discourage people. On the other hand, being too laid-back might inadvertently convey a lack of expertise and knowledge--undermining the credibility of my message.


Besides writing all the web, print, ad, and packaging copy, I also directed, edited and produced this series of workout tapes starring the beautiful (and deadly) talent, Katheryn Winnick (Vikings, Bones, Big Sky).

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