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Gareth K. Bennett


Quirky Clever Copy

  Words that work for you.

A creative heart beating within the thick skin of an ad man. A team player, excited to explore, learn, invent and re-invent.

A copywriting fiend who adores story and character and that place where they connect a brand, with a customer. I also love that moment when the rhythm of the market falls in synch with the rhythm of a beating heart. It’s the best.

I adore the quirky, the odd and the off center and believe that “new” and “innovative” always begin as something first labelled: "challenging” or “strange”.

Highlights, so far…

  • I’ve written over 500 on-air spots for 3 award-winning cable channels.

  • I wrote over 4,200 Tweets, Facebook posts, Email newsletters

  • I’ve directed dozens of television spots.

  • I’ve worked on-set as a director, a producer and an actor.

  • I created, produced and marketed a series of Martial Arts Exercise videos.

  • I play a mean set of sloppy-tight drums.

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