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The Top 400 Horrors

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Brit film rag, Empire Magazine have a website I rarely visit. But one day, about two years ago, I stumbled on a forum posting there titled: ‘The 400 Horrors’. It was a stellar list of movies, books, poems, songs. Rare gems, strange entries. When it comes to horror, I consider myself well-read and well-viewed but of this list, I had only seen about 25%. So I started from number 400 and am moving through the list one-by-one, savoring each dark delicacy.

That list sadly (and for unknown reasons) is now gone. But I have it! And I will periodically post about my experience going through the list with mini reviews/essays on the Horrors I enjoy. My plan is to skip anything I've watched or read recently. Also, some of these were a major pain to find copies of. So, I will also reveal how and where I found them. My goal has been to expose myself to works that have escaped my blood-shot peepers thus far.

Here is my first entry….

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