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398. Candle Cove (2009; Kris Straub; short story/urban legend)

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Okay, this is too cool. How I missed this in 2009 is anyone’s guess. I want this to be made, produced. Maybe I should do it. This is amazing stuff. Bravo to Kris Straub for this dark, very realistic story told through fictional Internet forum posts. It’s so well done that its fiction started imprinting itself on my mind as fact. Seriously, I started remembering the damn show!

Basically, it's a short story, told through said forum posts, where a small group of adults recount a short-lived children's TV show from the early 70s called, (you guessed it) “Candle Cove”. As they wax nostalgic about the show, we learn more and more details about it (when it aired, main characters and storylines) and slowly things get darker and creepier, leading to the final gripping post.

Well worth the read. And it’s free!

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