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My nightmare: I'm one of the Baldwins, I just don't know which one. Then, to my horror, I discover I’m actually a Baldwin cousin!

If you don't have a dog, is it weird to stand at the off-leash park holding a leash and talk with other dog owners?

The Sony Movie Channel told me I could only use 140 characters to tweet about, I laughed and said no problem all I need ar

Get ready: Clean the living room. Vacuum behind the couch. Buy the popcorn. Call in sick.

You can't say that SMC doesn't tweet. Wait, hold on… That's what this isn't it? YES this is a tweet! Phew.

How bored do you have to be to make a ketchup sandwich? I don't know, I'm not bored. I watch Sony Movie Channel. Don't be bored.

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